Marisa Masse, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Marisa is a recent Fanshawe College Massage Therapy graduate, she moved to St. Mary’s during her time of study and has been here ever since. Marisa is dedicated to client centered care and wellbeing of others in a clinical setting. She has practiced techniques such as Swedish massage, hydrotherapy, trigger point release, friction therapy, myofascial release, manual lymph drainage, remedial exercise and stretching. She is in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. Marisa is trained to treat and assist with many conditions from acute to chronic to meet the needs of her clients at the best of her ability.
Marisa strives to care for people of all ages as she is always looking to expanding her interpersonal skills. She especially enjoys working with mothers and children, as the very first client she had at school was a pregnant woman. She hopes to take extra courses in the near future to better her understanding and techniques to use with pregnant mothers and infants. Marisa will also be seeking other modalities and continued education to add to her belt to help broaden her treatment techniques to suit her clients individual treatments and needs.
Marisa is originally from a small town in Lambton county and was a competitive dancer for many years in her small community dance studio. She is now very interested in the fitness atmosphere and is hoping to try a few new fitness activities in the near future (ask her about them, she just might tell you!) She is actively learning, developing ways on how to teach others how to exercise and treat their bodies in the most effective and safest ways possible to prevent and avoid injury.
Marisa is so happy to be here in St. Mary as it makes her feel just at home. She is so excited to see all your friendly, smiling faces and cannot wait to get to know the town even better through all its amazing people.

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