Susan Koning, BSc, R.Ac


Susan comes from Ontario Canada where she received her Biology degree from Queen’s University. She furthered her education in British Columbia where she received  her diploma in acupuncture at Pacific Rim College. Susan also completed training at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Stone Town, Tanzania and she additionally helped in areas of Uganda to train local health care professionals in areas of need.  She received her licensing through CTCMA in British Columbia. She has had the privilege of working as an acupuncturist on cruise ships for 8 years. Her career has brought her into contact with many different medical conditions to treat as she travelled the world.  She retired her sea legs in 2019 upon moving back to Ontario and is now registered with CTCMPAO.

Susan is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine which treats almost every condition and organ system in the body, not just pain. She performs treatments that help with numerous health conditions and is also trained in cosmetic acupuncture and cupping to provide a completely holistic approach to both health and beauty.

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Cosmetic Acupuncture

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