Chiropody (Foot Care)

Foot deformities, infections, and injuries not only limit your mobility, but can detrimentally affect your health and quality of life.  Chiropody (Foot Care) is a profession that is dedicated to the assessment, management, and prevention of diseases and disorders of the foot.

Diabetic Foot Care

Both type I and type II diabetes can have strong effects on the lower limb. Uncontrolled, high blood sugar has the ability to compromise skin, nerves, and blood vessels of the lower limb. A Chiropodist should be an important member of your diabetic healthcare team. They are trained to assess and monitor changes in the foot related to diabetes. A Chiropodist offers diabetic foot screenings using a series of tools and expertise, designed to detect changes in dermatological, neurological or vascular health of the lower limb. Diabetic foot care (nails, callus, etc) and diabetic foot advice are also provided, which is integral to keeping your feet happy and healthy.

Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. Patient’s will often note that the first step out of bed in the morning is painful. Prolonged periods of standing and walking also increases pain on the inside or bottom of the heel. Plantar fasciitis is often caused by an abnormality in foot function, causing foot musculature to exert more stress on the heel bone.

There are several treatment options for plantar fasciitis. Treatment is oriented around correcting the cause of the pain, rather than treating just the symptoms. These treatments include:
– strengthening and stretching regimes
– footwear changes and advice
– ice and massage routines
– taping techniques
– custom foot orthotics

Corn & Callus Removal

Corns and callus are conditions described by thickening or hardening of the skin. Most times, corns and callus are caused by an increased amount of pressure to a specific area of the foot. This can be the result of poor fitting footwear, abnormal foot function, bony prominences, among many other things. Both corns and callus can cause pain.

A Registered Chiropodist has the technical skill to remove and reduce these lesions. Often, offloading the area through padding or other methods will be incorporated into the management plan.

Wart Treatment

Many people do not know that warts are actually caused by a virus. Many seek treatment because they are unpleasing to the eye, cause embarrassment, or are painful. There are several treatment options a Chiropodist is able to employ for plantar warts. These range from acids to caustics to topical agents. The treatment method is selected on a case by case basis, which fits the patient profile best.

Other Conditions Treated...

Routine Nail Care

High Arch/Low Arch Feet

Fungal Foot and Nail Treatments

….and much more!

Chiropody services and treatments are covered under most third party insurance plans under “Chiropody/Podiatry.”  A referral or prescription is NOT necessary to visit a Chiropodist!

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