Winter Walking Lessons

Winter Walking Lessons

During late fall and all the way into early spring, we see our temperatures swing widely from well above zero to frigidly below.  Some days can seem quite warm giving us a sense of respite from the cold weather but we must still be careful going out and about during our Canadian Winters even on those nice days.  Icy side walks and streets make walking outdoors dangerous for people of all ages especially in areas with hills.  Rainfall will freeze, snow will melt, and both are going to create a slippery surface that can be difficult to walk on.

Do the Penguin Walk!

Not only are penguins awesome, they have (pretty much) mastered the art of walking on ice. Walking like a penguin can help reduce the amount of injuries related to falls including strains, sprains, and fractures.

  • Bend slightly and walk flat footed
  • Point your feet out slightly like a penguin
  • Keep your centre of gravity over your feet as much as possible
  • Watch where you are stepping
  • Take shorter, shuffle-like steps
  • Keep your arms at your sides (not in your pockets!)
  • Concentrate on keeping your balance
  • Go S-L-O-W-L-Y

The following is a quick diagram which illustrates the proper way to walk during icy conditions.

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