Counselling & Mental Health Services

Counselling is an opportunity to take a look at life’s challenges with a goal of working toward positive change in your journey to well being. Our Registered Psychotherapists offer a caring and confidential space to work toward your goals. 

Treatment Approaches:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Insight-Oriented Therapy
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
Mindfulness-Based Therapy
Emotion-Focused Therapy

Common Reasons to Seek Counselling

Anxiety (Panic, Social Anxiety, Stress Related)
Self-Esteem and Identity Issues
Anger Management
Recovery from Abuse
Parenting Concerns
Personal Growth
Relationship Issues
Conflict Resolution
Infidelity/Breach of Trust
Emotional Disconnect

Counselling services provided at our clinic...

Individual Therapy (Adults, Teens & Children)
Couple Therapy
Family Therapy

Today is the right time to begin your journey to wellness. The past does not determine your future.

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Radhika Sundar

Megan Lennox

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