Why Bone Broth?

Why Bone Broth?

How It's Made

Making bone broth involves a long brewing process, generally 24-48 hours and the addition of acid (in the form of vinegar).  The long cooking time along with the acid allows the extraction of the functional compounds from the bones, cartilage and connective tissue. It also allows for high protein and collagen in the broth.  In addition, other components are extracted from the bones including amino acids, minerals and linoleic acid (which is known for reducing inflammation).  Other prominent nutrients in bone broth include: calcium, magnesium and potassium among many others. 

Benefits of Bone Broth

  1. Skin Health – drinking bone broth can help provide the body with the necessary collagen for healthy skin, nails and hair. 
  2. Gut Health – bone broth contains amino acids that are critical for reducing inflammation and healing leaky gut syndrome. 
  3. Immune System – some of the amino acids in bone broth, including arginine, glutamine and cysteine, can sooth symptoms of the common cold by reducing inflammation, clearing mucus buildups, and opening the respiratory system.
  4. Teeth & Bone Health – High in both calcium and magnesium, bone broth helps support bone health. 
  5. Weight Loss – Glutamine, an amino acid found in bone broth, promotes a healthy metabolism that helps us maintain energy and a healthy weight. 
  6. Hydration – Bone broth is a great, natural alternative because it contains natural minerals to replenish electrolytes without added sugar.
  7. Muscle Building – Recovery is needed to allow muscle tissues to repair themselves.  Bone broth contains an abundance of Glutathione, which is critical for repairing tissue to continue building muscle.
  8. Improve Mood – The health of your gut can be a large factor in mental health.  Research has shown that glycine, also found in bone broth, can promote relaxation.  
  9. Improve Sleep – Bone broth contains glycine, which relaxes the Central Nervous System and promotes a good night’s rest.  It also reduces lethargy during the daytime.  

If you’ve never tried bone broth before now is the perfect time!  Read more about the bone broth that we carry at our stores here. 

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